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ramón corro




I have always been attracted to the glitz and glam of the beauty industry. As a child I did a lot of acting, theater, commercials, and modeling. This exposure gave me a good idea of what went on behind the scenes. After I lost the desire to be in front of the camera I always had this yearning to still be a part of the fun.



​High school is where I started to find my creative mind in regards to hair and photography. I changed my hair as often as I changed clothes, a different color and style all the time. also durring high school i started to really get into photography and enrolled in classes that allowed me to create. This is when I started styling shoots my friends and I would dream up. I didnt realize that many years later this is what I would do as a career.



In 2009 I was given the opportunity to attend the Aveda Institute Denver. After graduating and obtaining my license I proudly secured my dream job at one of Denvers top Aveda salons. Five years later that dream job has morphed into many different areas within the industry. I recently was nominated for the first Colorado Hairstyling Awards in the avant garde category, This is a major accomplishment i thought would still be years to come. I now find myself doing hair for an amazing clientelle, working in a beautiful salon, magazine work, runway shows, and Many edgy editorial photo shoots.



I am also honored and forever greatful that the icomporable Charlie Price has taken me under his wig, and has been an AMAZING mentor through this entire journey. From being published in Beauty Underground Magazine, 303 Magazine's Denver Fashion Weekend,, and working with the very talented Scruples team. Charlie has been there guiding me in the right direction. I cant thank him enough!



Now my journey has lead me to Starling Salon another top Aveda salon here in Colorado. The team I work with is my extended family and are so disgustingly talented! These girls really know their stuff. I learn from them every day and am so excited to be a Starling Darling! so check out the other pages here at for more of my work. I also encourage you to come see me at Starling salon!!!!



also Check back often to see exciting news and updates as they happen!



- Ramón​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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