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Check out this cool behind the scenes look from the master (also my mentor) Charlie Price.

I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie Price for the last year and I cant thank him enough. He also is a long time friend that I knew before I even started in this crazy hair world. He has been a guiding force in many of the ideas and creations I have come up with in the crazy world of editorial hairstyling. He truly is an industry genius (as well as an icon) that has this crazy demented and creative mind. He may one moment want something very specific, and the next something completely different. All the while asking your input and ideas. He really allows you to be creative and crazy while helping create these amazing stories.

I can say because of him and his fabulous magazine I am now a published editorial hairstylist. If you haven't seen the magazine YOU MUST check it out. Order yourself a copy, I know you'll love it!

Charlie, thanks you for all you have done for me. Love you BITCH!

Check Charlie out at


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