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The website is almost finished!

Well its been a long time coming, the website is almost finished!!! I am so excited to finally have a space on the web to display my work. I will also use this site for a means of contact for freelance/editorial work, as well as my blog. I have been tirelessly working to create a space that would act as an outlet for displaying all of the work that I have been doing. Everyone always asks me "Can I see your work." and I have to whip out my phone and scroll through hundreds if not thousands of images to find the good ones... Well, no more! I will have this website to post finished images as well as this blog. Ill be posting behind the scenes images and shenanigans that go on at all of the shoots and events that I do.

Check back often to see some of the following:

  • behind the scenes images and video

  • upcoming events and shoots

  • inspirations

  • projects that are in the works (teasers)

  • the latest release of publications I am featured in

  • cool shit I think you will enjoy (images, offers, articles, magazines)

Thank you for taking the time out to read all this nonsense and shenanigans!

until next time...


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